Coupon codes

One that's popular is the possibility to use coupon codes in the shopping cart. This is one that's a lot of work.

Status: Feature-Under-Review

Fast Buying option

We've already made it possible to show 4 products in one row. It's a much wanted feature to be able to show a BUY button in these 'small cards'.

Status: Feature-Under-Review

Select multiple groups

The possibility to select multiple Assortment Groups. For instance, select both Lilies and Lisianthus to search for certain products.

Status: Feature-Under-Review

Reset All Filters

Resetting all filters resets all filters except the one for Assortment Groups. It's requested that resetting all filters will really reset ALL filters.

Status: Feature-Under-Review

Fair Trade Label

It's already possible to filter by 'Fairtrade' products. Howerver, there's no label as there is for 'Superdeal' or 'Exlusive'. This is also a much wanted request, especially in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Status: Feature-Under-Review

Known Issues

The issue that when you buy all remaining stock, you can no longer cancel the purchase

This is a hard problem to crack. We're very busy trying to fix this problem. Maybe you haven't encountered it yet but when you do, please contact your accountmanager immediately so that he or she can manually cancel your purchase.

Ordering for Sub-Clients

While buying for subclients is going smoothly now, ordering through a orderlist for subclients is also not working properly. Offcourse we're trying to fix it.